Girls Varsity Track · Senior Spotlights Danielle Schmidt Track & Field

Danielle Schmidt, Track & Field

One of my favorite memories of Track was just being goofy with everyone. Especially this one time when we all did a 4 by 100 meter and instead of a baton we used a phone and just ran with it and said hi.

If I had the worst day ever somehow I would be smiling and laughing by the end of practice and the love I felt from my team was nothing I have ever felt before. It was such a joy to be apart of a group that accepted everyone! Track has made me who I am today.

Also, another good memory is when our coach told us she had a surprise for us at the end of our hard workout so we tried our best on our last pyramid and the surprise was that we had to do it all over again! We were all in shock but we did it and survived.